About Sarah Gooder

Sarah works loosely and more carefully in her preferred medium of watercolour. She strives to capture the special quality that makes each individual dog who they are.


Dog art and unique dog portraits


Emily, UK

“I just can’t get over how accurately you have captured her. Looking at this brings her back – so much more profoundly than a photo.  This contains the essence of her – and importantly, her before she went blind and lost her beautiful brown eyes.  So it’s like taking us back to her in her peak. I think what also comes across is your love of dogs, your compassion – without that, I don’t think the portrait would be so powerful. “

- Emily, UK
Suzanne, UK

“It’s absolutely fantastic! You’ve captured him exactly and he’s a complex little chap.  Thanks so much.  It’ll take pride of place on our wall.”

- Suzanne, UK
Katharine, USA

“Sarah is undoubtedly the most impressive dog portraitist I have had the privilege to work with. She was able to capture the true essence of our beloved dog, including the look in her eyes, based only off of pictures and description, in the most eloquent and life-like manner! Her mastery of watercolor is extraordinary and her ability to portray texture and color is impressive. Her talent is beyond compare, and above all of that— her kindness and love for dogs, and what she does is palpable. She is a pleasure to work with, and the resulting artwork will become a treasured family heirloom I can promise! I could not recommend her more highly!”

- Katharine, USA