Stan was an absolute joy to paint.  His eyes are so beautiful.  Here’s a little about this lovely whippet from his owner, Suzanne;

“Stan’s big doe eyes are the windows into his complicated and perfectly formed head.  He uses them shamefully to get everything he wants which includes ‘Markies’ his favourite dog treat, snuggling up with his family on the sofa, and cuddles, hugs and scratches behind the ears.  He’s extremely wilful and although we don’t doubt his intelligence, he’ll do nothing he doesn’t want to do.

Stan is lazy but the dog we see slouched on the sofa every night is a world apart from the speed machine we see in the park, sprinting after his beloved ball.  He often gets admiring glances and comments from strangers when he’s in full flow.

Stan has a younger brother, Alfie, who’s also a whippet and the two of them have a very close and special relationship.  We’ll be getting a portrait of him next.”