A lovely description from owner Virginia.

Renato was an incredible dog and lived to 18 years old. He grew up with horses and with 5 Dobermans so he ended up feeling like one of them and acted like the boss with these giant dogs. His favourite place was every horse riding facility we went to at weekends for the competitions, because he loved to spend the day going around visiting each stable and using his deep and captivating eyes to get something eat. He didn’t really like to snuggle , but he was always there at my side, the best companion. When I was a child he was my little bodyguard, despite his size. He could walk for miles just to accompany me during horseback riding or spent the day watching me playing in the haystack. I was ten when he arrived and he accompanied me throughout my childhood and adulthood. It has been very hard not having him around anymore, being a companion during such important stages of my life.