Buddy is a very special dog.  He belongs to the Bennett family who all adore him and was the dog that started bow.wow.sketch – he was the original muse –  thank you Buddy! Here are a few words from owner Linda:

“Buddy is a fine young chap from Yorkshire. He is a whippet/bedlington cross a.k.a whiplington or as I like to call him ‘a whippet in a fur coat’ He is 18 months old and spends his days committed to a select few activities; running, sleeping, sunbathing, stealing food or chasing cats. He does each of these wholeheartedly and in equal measure. It’s not a bad life! He literally loves everyone (well, except cats) and thinks children of any size are particularly great. He may have joined our family as a tiny puppy, but he has had a huge impact – we are all utterly devoted to him. Buddy or Sir Buddleston as we like to call him is most definitely a delightful doggie! “