• About …

I live in Yorkshire, England, with my husband, our two boys and Italian Spinone Coco.  We’re lucky to have some beautiful countryside on our doorstep and enjoy walks in the local woods and hills.


Background …

Studying Architecture as a mature student opened my eyes to the creative process, and following my degree I worked in different roles including architecture, garden design and exhibition design.  A  life-drawing class re-awakened the childhood need to draw and draw, and inspired by a sketch of a friend’s Beddy-Whippet, Buddy, I decided to focus on painting and drawing dogs.

Process …

Watercolour is an incredible medium and can be used in so many ways to different effects.  I use it with freedom in my sketch portraits, which combine drawing and painting in ink, pencil and watercolour. These are an energetic and immediate response to my subject and I work to preserve that initial sketch, those first marks that begin to define the subject,  within several layers of drawing and painting.  In this way I hope to retain those qualities of freedom and spontaneity whilst achieving a good likeness.

For the paintings I like to use watercolour to build real depth, so each piece is the result of multiple glazes or layers, that gradually build up tone and texture.  As this takes several days, I spend a long time looking at my subject. This is just as important as the physical painting, because it really establishes a connection and I hope results in a portrait that truly captures your dog in a unique way.

Please take a look at my gallery for some examples of my work.

Best wishes